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Our Staff

Stay & Play (SNP) Childcare, Inc is honored to be the professional childcare provider for Henryville, Borden, and Rock Creek. We are located in each school. We have an excellent staff who works together to provide a safe, secure, learning environment for all children. Ages 3yrs old-12yrs old. 
 Teresa & Jeff Porter
    local Owners

My name is Mrs. Teresa.  Jeff and I are the owners of Stay N Play Childcare, Inc. SNP was established in February 1994.  Jeff and I both graduated  from Henryville in 1981. I did attend IUS. I graduated with my Masters in Education & Principal certification. I am a Christian and member of the First Baptist Church Henryville. Jeff  has worked behind the scene of the daycare by providing support in any way through out the years. We have three children, Taylor Porter, Erica Hostettler, and Sierra Young, Each of them have been a part of this company and help to make it successful. This is a family owned business that cares about the children in our community.  Stay & Play- a place to stay and a place to play. 

Exectutive Quality Control- Miss Porter

Sierra Porter Young

My name is Mrs. Sierra Young The Daughter of Teresa and Jeff Porter ( Founders and Owners Of Stay N Play ) I am the Director of SNP and lead teacher of Henryville preschool. I have my CDA.  I love working with and teaching the children at SNP.  I have worked for SNP for seven years.  I plan to continue to help operate the family business and provide quality care to the children at SNP.

Kristie Metzger

I have been in child care for 13 years. One of the best parts of working for Stay N Play is not only do you develop relationships with the kids but their parents as well. Kids are one of life's most precious gifts. Although I do not have my own, I consider each of them my kids. The best part of my day is when they come in and run up to give you a hug. Sometimes I may have had a bad day and that hug makes everything better.

Stella Shelton

My name is Ms. Stella. I have worked for SNP Since 1994. I work with kids because I love kids. I have seven grandchildren of my own.  I treat each child I care  at SNP just like they were my own grandchildren, Every day is a blessing at SNP. 

Nettie Harbin

I have always loved working with kids they bring so much joy to our lives. I have worked with kids for 20+ years. I love working for Teresa and SNP. I'm certified in CPR and first aid.

Teacher and Student
Art Fun
Music Class
Wooden Cars
Kids Playing Tug of War

Drug Tested


Kid Approved

Family Portrait

Criminal Background Checks

All Stay & Play Staff are CPR, First-Aid, and Blood borne pathogens Certified. 

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